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PickerelweedFenwick-Hollowell Wetlands Trail

Pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata)


Pickerelweed is a native herbaceous emergent that grows along shallow shorelines up to four feet tall and is found in all areas of North Carolina. The thick rhizomes spread to form large colonies. Its preference is for freshwater depth up to 12 inches in full sun in rich, loamy soils. It can tolerate part sun, poor soils and occasional flooding up to 20 inches. The tall spikes of lavender-blue flowers occur summer through fall and attract many pollinators. They are held well above the water for a showy long season display. Use this plant along bogs, ponds or streams. It can also be grown in a large container or water gardens. It is important to maintain water depths greater than saturation, but shallower than the leaves year-round. It is relatively pest and disease-free.
Pontederia cordata