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Sweet BayFenwick-Hollowell Wetlands Trail

Sweet bay (Magnolia virginiana)


Sweet bay is a semi-evergreen tree with fragrant leaves, twigs, and flowers. In the southeast, it often grows as a tree with a rounded crown. It has bluish to greenish oblong leaves in an alternate arrangement and whitish flowers with a lemony smell from spring to summer. In the fall, Sweet bay produces aggregate fruit that are bright red to brown.
Magnolia virginiana

Gardening Tips

Care Known Problems How to Harvest Mature Size Notes/Uses
Sweet bay must be planted in moist, well-drained acidic soil in full sun to partial shade In alkaline soil, the leaves turn yellow n/a Can grow as a tree up to 100 feet tall and 20 feet in width Sweet bay is a larval host for butterflies and provides food for white-tailed deer, birds and small mammals; It is used in parks and landscaping as a tree or as a shrub