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Winged SumacFenwick-Hollowell Wetlands Trail

Winged sumac (Rhus copallinum)


Winged sumac is a flowering plant that grows as a shrub or tree. It can grow up to 10 feet tall and blooms clusters of green and yellow flowers. The leaves are either a fair dark green or red, both of which have a paler underside.
Winged sumac

Gardening Tips

Care Known Problems How to Harvest Mature Size Notes/Uses
Winged sumac prefers slightly more acidic soil with a pH of about 5 to 6 and an open area to grow properly All sumacs struggle under too much shade, and are often driven out of habitats easily other invasive plants; Poisonous sumac (Toxicodendron vernix) is a poisonous form of sumac that can be mistaken for its close relative by wildlife Sumac plants grow their fruits as berries and are harvested by simply plucking bunches off of the shrub as you would grapes Winged sumac can grow to heights of 10 feet tall, with leaf branches that are between 16 to 24 inches long Winged sumac is well-liked by rabbits and deer in the winter, as it survives where some other preferred berry shrub species would not