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COA Transfer Student Success Story: Caitlyn Mooers

Caitlyn Mooers
Associate in Science
COA Spring Class of 2022
Knapp Early College

What university are you transferring to?

“I will be transferring to East Carolina University in the fall.”

What is your intended major?

“My intended major is a B.S. in Biology with a General Biology concentration, pre-med option.”

What are your future goals?

“My future plans after COA include finishing my undergraduate degree at ECU, getting my M.D. preferably at Brody School of Medicine, pursuing the Navy’s Health Professions Scholarship, and doing my residency in Internal Medicine.”

How has completing your Associate in Science degree at COA benefited you?

“Completing my A.S. at COA has helped me financially of course, probably beyond my current understanding. It has also allowed me to be part of an awesome community. An awesome community that has welcomed me, uplifted me, broadened my horizons, and has seen me through feats I would have never thought myself able of accomplishing just a few short years ago. COA has also taught me valuable lessons in networking, the necessity of taking notes, and how to handle college life before I am thrown in the deep end hours away from home. In all, completing my degree here at COA has given me the hardest, most rewarding, and truly best years of my life.”