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COA Student Spotlight: Albert Mercado

Student Spotlight: Albert Mercado
Associate in Engineering Class of 2022
JP Knapp Early College

What university are you transferring to?
Currently, I am undecided on where I want to go, but I am seeking an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy.

What is your intended major?
I am looking to major in Aerospace Engineering.

What are your future goals?
After college, I want to work closely with other engineers through the Air Force and other local networks to expand and update my professional development in engineering. I wish to be an 11HX, a helicopter rescue pilot.

How did COA help set you on a path to achieve your goals?
Attending the College of The Albemarle has given me the leadership and academic opportunities to succeed in an environment that has pushed my envelope of hard work and dedication. Here, learning has expanded outside of its dictionary definition and has taught me that success is not determined by a number, but rather by the ability to thrive in a subject.

Similarly, how did completing a degree at the college benefit you?
I started my journey at COA by taking Spanish classes virtually at J.P. Knapp Early College. And though a couple of miles away, there was no doubt that I had made a connection with my professors through the subjects they were teaching. Usually, I would have no trouble passing a class. However, taking Calculus at COA shifted my perspective on the learning experience. Often, I had to rewatch lectures, spend multiple nights studying, and many times ask my teacher for help. But through this experience, I have learned how to think critically, work with others, and manage my time. Though I have yet to use my degree, I believe that my Associate in Engineering has provided me with the groundwork to succeed at any university I choose and has given me an advantageous look into what my future will be as an aspiring aerospace engineer. I appreciate all of the hard work that has come from those who have supported me and my visions.