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COA Student Awards

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Congratulations, Students!

We have some incredible students at COA!

Each year we have students that are nominated for awards from the college and also from the North Carolina Community College System. We want to recognize and congratulate the nominees and recipients.

2022 Award Nominees and Winners

COA Nominees:

Andrew Shanklin Austin
Dallas Herring Achievement Award Nominee (YouTube video)

Lane Stevenson
Governor Robert W. Scott Student Leadership Award Nominee

Jennifer L. Wilson
Academic Excellence Award Nominee (YouTube video)

COA Department/Program Award Winners:

Allen, Darrick: Associate in Science (YouTube video)

Anlauf, Ayla: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Antons, Eleanorah: Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts (YouTube video)

Bailey, Lori Kaye: Welding Technology (YouTube video)

Bayne, Emily: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Bazemore, Quante: Cosmetology (YouTube video)

Blizzard, Carly: Human Services Technology (YouTube video)

Boose, MacKenzie: Associate in General Education – Nursing (Mediasite video)

Bundy, Kirsten: Associate Degree Nursing (YouTube video)

Burley, Haley: Associate in Science (YouTube video)

Cartwright, Makayla: Academic Foundations (YouTube video)

Conner, Abigail: Associate Degree Nursing (YouTube video)

Danaher, Abigail Elisabeth: General Business Administration – Accelerated

Dawson, Perry: Basic Law Enforcement Training (YouTube video)

Dick, Pawel: Associate in Science (YouTube video)

Dough, Kitty: Professional Crafts Jewelry

Dwyer, Aidan Wayne: HVAC Technology (YouTube video)

Fidyk, Olha: Computer Aided Drafting

Flach, Lauren: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Gatling, Bettina: Medical Laboratory Technology

Goodwin, Caroline: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Hall, Olivia: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Hallac, Kayla: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Haner, Julie: Criminal Justice Technology (YouTube video)

Harris, Christina Margaret Ann: General Business Administration (YouTube video)

Harris, Jenna Marie: Medical Office Administration

Hines, Izak: Associate in Science (YouTube video)

Hobbs, Allison: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Huey, Emily: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Johnson, Dadryn: Cosmetology (YouTube video)

Jordan, Amy: General Business Administration (YouTube video)

Lassiter, Wendy: Human Services Technology (YouTube video)

Li, Ivan: Associate in Science (YouTube video)

Limbacher, Megan: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

MacBride, Katherine: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Maher, Caitlyn: Associate Degree Nursing (YouTube video)

Mercado, Albert: Associate in Engineering (YouTube video)

Miller, Logan: Information Technology Computer Programming

Mooers, Caitlyn: Associate in Science (YouTube video)

Morgan, Gabrielle: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Mouton, Scott Timothy: Information Technology Systems Administration and Support

Moye, Samantha: Medical Office Administration

Myers, Nikki: Associate Degree Nursing (YouTube video)

Paraskevov, Bozhidar Olegov: Global/International Business Management

Patrikios, Natalliia: General Business Administration (YouTube video)

Piscitelli-Doshkov, Marina: General Business Administration

Roy, Isabel: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Russu, Daria: Associate Degree Nursing (YouTube video)

Schlagle, Kate: Early Childhood Education (YouTube video)

Siegel, Denise Rebecca: General Business Administration (YouTube video)

Spencer, Aliah: Associate in Arts (YouTube video)

Spruill, Ashante: Basic Law Enforcement Training (YouTube video)

Stevenson, Lane: Associate in General Education (YouTube video)

Trajaska, Hristina: Human Services Technology (YouTube video)

Volpe, Barbara: Computer Integrated Machining (YouTube video)

Wilkinson, Caleb: Aviation Systems Technology (YouTube video)

Williams, Devlin: Culinary Arts

Wilson, Jennifer L.: Associate in Fine Arts in Theatre (YouTube video)

Wisz, Christopher: Information Technology Project Management


  • Williams, Bonita

  • Academic Advisor

  • COA – Elizabeth City: AE 133

  • 252-335-0821 ext. 2281