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Articulations & Support Programs

Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) students: Read about options to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) with concurrent enrollment agreements at Old Dominion University (ODU), East Carolina University (ECU), Mid Atlantic Christian University (MACU) or at College of The Albemarle’s (COA) RN to BSN STEP Center.

Articulations & Support Programs

ODU ADN and BSN Concurrent Enrollment Agreement

Students may be enrolled in both the ADN program and the ODU BSN program courses at the same time. Students may earn an ADN from COA, and after graduating and passing NCLEX, earn a BSN degree from ODU.

Students must be accepted into or already be in progress in the COA ADN program and must have a 3.0 grade-point average (GPA) to enter into the ODU program.

In addition, the following courses will have to all be completed with a “C” or higher to enter the ODU concurrent enrollment program. Students don’t have to have them completed to apply to ODU — they can be in progression with a course or two left to finish, but they must complete them all before they can officially enter the ODU BSN courses.

  • BIO 168 and 169 (A&P I and II )
  • ENG 111 and 112 (English)
  • ACA 122 (College Transfer Success)
  • PSY 150 and 241 (Psychology)
  • Hum /FA Elective (3 hours)
    PHI 240 Recommended (Ethics)
  • MAT 152 (Statistics)
  • BIO 275 (Microbiology)
  • CHM 130/130A or CHM 151 (Chemistry)
  • SOC 210 (Introduction to Sociology)
  • Plus two more liberal arts electives (6 hours)

For more information, visit ODU’s BSN Concurrent Enrollment Program. To apply, contact Dr. Janice Hawkins at [email protected].

Note: ODU tuition is not at the out-of-state rate; it is the same rate as for any Virginia resident or other RN to BSN students.


Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nurses

COA ADN has two types of RIBN agreements with ECU so that students may be dual enrolled in a pathway toward the BSN. Students earn an ADN from COA and a BSN from ECU.

RIBN is specifically designated for high school seniors who meet high school graduation requirements, pre-admission test scores (SAT or ACT), and 3.0 GPA minimum.

Students take general education courses the first year at COA and are dual enrolled at ECU for one general education course. Beginning the third semester of the ADN program, students are dual enrolled in ECU BSN courses. Students graduate from COA and take NCLEX. and then take approximately one more year of ECU courses to complete the BSN.

ECU accepts RIBN applications Sep. 1 through Jan. 31. To apply, high school seniors should visit ECU’s School of Nursing. For more information or to apply, contact Dr. Kelly Cleaton at 252-744-6498 or [email protected].

Alternate RIBN: aRIBN

Similar to above but designed for already progressing college students who have completed all required general education prerequisite courses with a minimum 3.0 GPA.


  • ACA 111 or 122
  • ENG 111
  • ENG 112
  • BIO 168
  • BIO 169
  • CHM 130 and 131A or CHM 151
  • BIO 111 or CHM 152
  • BIO 275
  • PSY 150
  • MAT 143 or 171
  • PHI 240 or HUM 115
  • One other Hum/UFA elective (3 hours)

Application period is Oct. 1 to April 15 each year. For more information about aRIBN, visit ECU’s School of Nursing.

To apply you must be a COA student and apply to the ADN program and be accepted to enter the next fall semester, then email [email protected] to request an aRIBN application.


Designed for new graduates and existing Registered Nurses (RN) with an ADN who desire to progress to their BSN.

Nursing faculty advisors advance academic progression of RNs to the BSN degree by promoting completion of RN-BSN program prerequisite courses at COA, and streamlining transition into a variety of university RN-BSN programs nationwide based strategically on individual needs and academic history to expedite completion.

For more information, visit the RN to BSN STEP Center.

No application process is required unless the student is going to take classes at COA. RNs don’t have to be enrolled at COA for this advisement.

Questions? Contact Kathy Lawrence at [email protected].


Students may be enrolled in both the COA ADN program and MACU courses at the same time. Students earn an ADN from COA and a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies from MACU.

For more information, visit MACU.

To apply, contact Kathy Smith at [email protected].