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COA’s Portfolio & Resume Class Publishes Dysphoria

Spring 2020 Portfolio and Resume Class


dys · pho · ri · a /dis’foree/
n. a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life.

“During the unprecedented times we are currently facing, we are forced to stay indoors, isolated from our families and friends, and deprived from social interaction and our normal lives and schedules. Many people rely on their daily routines and social gatherings to get them through their day, but the effects of Covid-19 have altered our lives dramatically. Since the rise of the new virus, suicide rates have increased from their normal average as many are forced to battle their mental health disorders alone. Social and environmental changes and gender and racial inequality have revealed themselves in a new light. Some races are being affected by the virus more than others, involving both health and finances. With the on-going “stay-at-home” orders from the government, there are millions of people isolated within their homes. But as we have begun to settle into this new way of living, the earth has displayed a newfound revival.

This group exhibition explores topics of mental health and racial and gender inequality, as well as our overarching relationship with nature through the lens of this pandemic. The pieces in this show represent how we are dealing with these issues, and how they are currently affecting our lives and our environment.

As we continue to push through these difficulties, we are reminded of how much we take for granted. But while we take this time to protect ourselves, we are given the opportunity to reflect on what we have, give the earth a rest, and come together as a community to support one another in ways that we have never done before.”

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