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Pharmacy TechnicianWorkforce Development & Career Readiness

campus entrance

This course is designed to provide instruction in the technical procedures for preparing and dispensing drugs in the hospital and retail settings under supervision of a registered pharmacist. Topics include:

  • Drug packaging and labeling
  • Out-patient dispensing
  • Hospital dispensing procedures
  • Controlled substance procedures
  • Inventory control
  • Non-sterile compounding

Upon completion, you should be able to perform basic supervised dispensing techniques in a variety of pharmacy settings.

Placement Testing/Prerequisites

Math Placement Scores

You must meet one of the following requirements:

  • NCDAP: a score of “7” or higher in all sections of DMA 010, DMA 020 and DMA 030
  • Passing grade in the courses DMA 010, 020 and 030
  • Passing grade in college-level math class
  • CRC: a score of “4” on the applied math section