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Why COA?


Why College of The Albemarle (COA)? COA’s entire purpose is transformation: to make a difference in your life while continually evolving as educators, so that together we can fuel positive changes in our region.

Mentors and Champions

Each of us has a tremendous capacity to reach our full potential and achieve our most ambitious goals. As a COA student, we’ll strive to really know you, help hone your interests and fuel that spark of possibility already glowing within you. We’ll help encourage, guide, challenge and champion you in your work at COA and beyond, all while introducing you to new and exciting opportunities.

United in Our Diversity

There’s a rich diversity of people, perspectives and opportunities at the heart of COA, all united by our common purpose of transforming lives. Our college serves each distinct yet connected community across the Albemarle region. An increasingly diverse faculty and course catalog help provide a unique educational experience for an equally diverse student population.

Excellence and Value

COA’s curriculum and continuing education programs offer outstanding value, quality and financial affordability. Our supportive faculty provide individual attention in small learning environments, helping you earn the best possible return on your investment of time, money and effort, while positioning you to succeed in whatever professional and academic endeavors you pursue after COA.

Vested and Engaged

COA has been an educational pillar of the Albemarle region since our founding as North Carolina’s first community college in 1961. Students, employers, families and community leaders know they can depend on COA for quality education and support. We’re committed to continue serving your evolving needs and investing in our faculty, programs, training and student services across the seven-county service area.

Spirited and Passionate

We’re proud of the passionate service that our faculty and students contribute to our region, and believe that the quality of our people and programs make us the best educational value around.

Empathetic and Compassionate

From campus to campus, members of the COA community demonstrate their commitment to respect and care for one another. That empathy — the genuine effort to understand and learn from each other — is at the heart of why each of us thrives as part of the COA family.

Proactive and Dependable

At COA, we proactively anticipate your needs, respond to your challenges and help you recognize new opportunities on the horizon. We aspire to earn your trust by constantly growing to better serve you and your community.