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COA Student Success Story: Kiley Fisher, College Transfer

Student Spotlight: Kiley Fisher

Associate in Science — COA Graduate Spring 2021
JP Knapp Early College Graduate

What university did you transfer to?

I transferred to East Carolina University.

What is your major?

I am an intended nursing major.

What are your future plans after COA?

I am currently working towards my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I also intend to get my master’s at ECU. After graduation, I plan to work as a nurse practitioner in a North Carolina hospital.

How has completing your Associate in Science degree at COA benefited you?

Having an associate degree from COA has not only saved me money in my educational journey but it has also better prepared me for university life. I am ready for the coursework, and I am more experienced in communicating with professors. I am very glad I got my Associate in Science before going off to a larger university; it has benefited me immensely.