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Program Overview

College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Phlebotomy program will teach you the skills needed to obtain blood and other specimens for laboratory analysis. You’ll learn theory and gain clinical experience in a professional environment geared toward your specific learning needs.


Upon completion of this concentration, Phlebotomy graduates will be able to qualify for employment in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, and other health care settings and may be eligible for national certification as phlebotomy technicians.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, you’ll:

  1. Successfully perform venipuncture by vacuum collection devices
  2. Successfully perform skin puncture to obtain specimen for whole blood testing and serum/plasma testing
  3. List essential information that should be on laboratory requisitions and specimen containers for identification
  4. Demonstrate appropriate interaction and communication with patients and staff
  5. Demonstrate a professional attitude and behavior in the workplace


See the links below for program-specific admission requirements and other information regarding our program.

Phlebotomy Handbook

Admission Fact Sheet

HSWP Admission Comparison Grid