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Pre-BSN Nursing Pathway

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Program Overview

College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Pathway program is for those who are interested in nursing education, but are not yet admitted to a nursing program. Our Pre-BSN Nursing Pathway will help you complete the general education courses as well as other pre-requisite courses.

The Pre-BSN pathway is designed to help you, even while you’re still in high school, take courses to be a stronger nursing student, complete the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program and be ready to enter a Registered Nursing (RN) to BSN program upon or soon after graduation, once you’re licensed as an RN. You may be enrolled in other majors such as Associate in Arts or Associate in General Education or other appropriate programs, and you may need to be dual enrolled if you’re taking some RN to BSN pre-requisite courses while in the ADN program.

Visit our RN to BSN STEP Center page for more information about RN to BSN online and face-to-face programs.

Points for admission into the ADN program (and other health sciences programs) are now offered for most of these suggested courses.

This is a suggested pathway only and it is not required for program entrance and can vary according to your needs, your academic background and semester offerings. Summer course offerings may be limited.

RN to BSN programs can vary widely in requirements and are subject to change – this pathway is meant to provide general guidance to meet ADN program requirements and most RN to BSN pre-requisite course requirements. Please contact your desired RN to BSN program(s) advisors early in the process to obtain guidance on specific courses required and your eventual acceptance into a RN to BSN program.


Pre-BSN Pathway Courses and Credits

Associate in General Education – Nursing

How to Get Started

  • Talk with your academic and financial aid advisor before taking courses on this pathway to ensure it fits with your declared major(s) and other college and financial aid requirements.
  • Focus on completing courses within the ADN nursing program curriculum before taking any supplemental courses that are outside of the program of study.
  • Once you’re admitted into the ADN program, you’ll need to complete certain courses within the program before or within the required semester.