Workforce Development & Career Readiness

Workforce Development & Career Readiness

One of the major functions of a comprehensive community college is that of providing educational programs for adults in its service area. The Division of Workforce Development and Career Readiness (WDCR) places a strong emphasis on the value of life-long education and provides a variety of courses and activities to meet the particular needs and interests of individuals, businesses, and industries in the area.

Occupational, academic, avocational, and practical skills courses are offered for individuals 18 years of age or older and for those who need vocational or professional retraining and upgrading. Instruction is also available for those who desire to grow in basic knowledge, to improve in home and community life, and to develop or improve leisure time activities.

Class Locations

Many WDCR courses and services are provided on campus. Additional classes are taught in surrounding communities or within a particular business or industry in the Albemarle area. Almost any course can and will be organized when a sufficient number of residents indicate an interest in having a class brought to a particular location and when instructional funds are available.

Programs of Instruction
Occupational Extension Courses consist of single courses, each complete in itself, designed for the specific purpose of training persons for employment, upgrading the skills of those presently employed, and retraining others for new employment in occupational fields.

Personal Enrichment Courses consist of single courses, each complete in itself, which focus on participants' personal or leisure needs rather than their occupational, professional, or employment needs.

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