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Types of Aid

Find Help Paying for Classes

If you’re looking for types of aid to help pay for classes, we’re here to help. Please contact our Financial Aid Office for more information.

Although the primary responsibility for financing an education remains with you and your family, College of The Albemarle (COA) participates in federal and state programs as well as private scholarships designed to supplement the family contribution when there is documented student financial need. To receive financial aid, you must demonstrate need and maintain good academic standing.

Types of aid include grants, scholarships, campus employment, or any combination of these as determined by the policies of the Financial Aid Office and the U.S. Department of Education. Policies and procedures for awarding student aid are subject to change to meet new federal regulations. The COA Foundation provides more than $300,000 annually in scholarships. You’re encouraged to apply for these additional sources of support.

  • Grants are awarded by the federal or state governments or by the school and are usually based on financial need. Grants don’t have to be paid back provided you complete the term of enrollment.
  • Scholarships are provided through the COA Foundation and the generosity of businesses, community organizations and individuals. These are awarded based on a variety of factors: financial need, enrollment in specific Programs of Study, GPA, county of residence, etc. Scholarships do not need to be paid back.
  • Federal Work-Study program provides on-campus and near-campus employment opportunities for eligible students. You can work part time to earn this award money to help with the cost of attendance.


  • Askew, Michelle

  • Admissions and Financial Aid Technician

  • COA – Elizabeth City: AE 141

  • 252-335-0821 ext. 2385