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Staff Council

The Staff Council supports the mission of College of The Albemarle (COA): To transform lives in an accessible, supportive environment that promotes academic excellence, student success, workforce development, community partnerships and responsible stewardship. The Staff Council also upholds the college’s core values of community, integrity, respect, diversity and teamwork.

Staff Council Representatives

Representative Title
John Andrew DeFeo President
Rena Jackson Ex-Officio Member (former President)
Cheryl Griffin Vice-President
Anna Boyce Treasurer
Margie Holley Secretary
Michelle Munden Member
Solomon Brothers Member
Gertha Bond-Thomas Member

“Standing Ovation”

Submit the employee(s) you wish to receive a Standing Ovation from the Staff Council. Nominees demonstrate going above or beyond or doing an exceptional job. Recipients will be announced through a monthly email.

Nominate Employees (DocuSign™ form)

Nominations are due every month by the 15th. Recipients will be announced on the last working day of the month.