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Follett Access™ Program

Follett Access Program

In an effort to address the rising cost of course materials, College of The Albemarle’s (COA) math department is excited to pilot Follett Access (formerly known as IncludED) paired with Pearson’s Inclusive Access Program beginning fall 2019. Follett Access is an initiative that delivers required course materials digitally to students. For MAT courses, this includes the MyMathLab (MML) access code and e-book. MML access codes are required to complete assignments in all MAT courses.


  • As a COA student, you’ll have required course materials on the first day of class
  • Digital course materials are easy to access, manage and use
  • You’ll be able to get materials traditionally purchased through the bookstore at a significant savings, allowing students/districts to save money, take more classes, and/or defer fewer classes due to course material access and costs
Course Cost with Follett’s
Access/Person’s Inclusive
Access Using Fee Model(Effective Spring 2023)
MAT 110 $851
MAT 143 $851
MAT 152 $951,2
MAT 171-172 $1253
MAT 271-273 $1253
MAT 263 $851
MAT 280 $851
MAT 285 $851

1 MAT 110, MAT 143, MAT 152, MAT 263, MAT 280 and MAT 285 access codes are valid for one semester (18 weeks). If you withdraw after the census date or repeat the course, you’ll be required to purchase a new code.
2 MAT 152 access code also includes access to Statcrunch, a statistical analysis computer program used in this class. The student workbook will be available in a digital format for you to print or you can purchase a printed copy from the campus bookstore.
3 MAT 171-172 and MAT 271-273 access codes are valid for 24 months on sequential courses. You’ll be charged once for a access code and can use the same code for the entire MAT 171-172 sequence, if completed within 24 months. Similarly, you’ll only need to purchase one access code for the MAT 271-273 sequence.

How the Follett Access Program Works

A Follett Access course materials fee, which covers the cost of the MML access code including an e-book, will be charged to your student account. It’ll be noted as Course Material Fee (CMFEE) on the student account. You’re responsible for this fee just as you’re responsible for obtaining textbooks and other required materials for other courses. The only difference is this Follett Access course materials fee is paid to the business office rather than the bookstore.

When you log into MyCourses on the first day of classes, you’ll see a link to MyMathLab in your math course. Once you click on the link and accept the terms, you’ll be ready to go. COA uses single sign on and students must access MyMathLab through MyCourses.

If you drop a course prior to the census date, the Follettt Access course materials fee will be refunded.

A limited number of loose leaf paper textbook copies will be available for purchase in the bookstore (optional for those who want a physical textbook in addition to the e-book found in MML). Purchase of MML access code is still required.

You can opt out of the Follett Access program and look to other third-party vendors for MML access codes if you wish. However, once you opt out, you cannot opt back in. Pearson (MML) is not responsible and will not replace codes that are not purchased through COA. If you want to opt out of the Follett Access program, you’ll need to complete the Opt Out Form in order to have the fee removed from your student account.

The Follett Access fee must be paid on the day you register with your tuition and fees. Learn how to make a payment for tuition and fees.

If you have any questions regarding the Follett Access program, please email [email protected].


  • Meads, Lisa

  • Dean, Arts and Sciences

  • COA – Elizabeth City: A 252

  • 252-335-0821 ext. 2357