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Distance Education

We’re happy you chose College of The Albemarle (COA) and we want to help you reach your educational goals with Distance Education and online programs.

During your educational career at COA, you’ll need to regularly access myCourses for course content (syllabi, class schedules, class assignments, quizzes/exams), which your instructor has placed in myCourses. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to complete the online class “COA 101 – Introduction to myCourses (Moodle) for Students” to become familiar with this environment right from the start.

See a list of our fully online associate degree and certificate programs.

Before you can register for a fully online class, you’re required to complete “COA 101 – Introduction to myCourses (Moodle) for Students” with a 90 percent or higher for the class total. If you’re not successful the first time, you may re-take the COA 101 class exam again until you receive a passing grade.

Log in to myCourses (Moodle). Use the same username and password you created when you activated your COA accounts. If you have reset your password since activating your COA account, use the new password. Once logged you’re logged in to myCourses, you’ll see at a minimum and have access to the following:

  • COA 101 – Introduction to myCourses (Moodle) for Students
  • ASC – Academic Support Center

Note: Due to audit requirements, all other classes won’t be visible until the first day of classes, starting at 12:15 a.m., at which time you’ll be able to view your current semester classes.

Visit our Google™ feedback form to let us know how our program is doing.

At COA, our advisors are here to help you reach your academic goals, whether you’re taking classes online or at one of our four campuses. To find your assigned advisor, log into myService and view your profile. Or you can email directly with your questions.

If you have technology-related questions visit our Technology FAQ. If you have technical difficulties activating your accounts or signing into Gmail, please reset your password. If you still experience difficulties with your login, email

To submit questions to Distance Education, contact us through our Help Desk or click “myHelp” on the tool bar located in myCourses, or email

Online Programs

COA has a wide variety of online courses that can be taken during the pursuit of many of our degree, certificate and diploma programs. There’re at least twenty programs that offer 50 percent or more of the required courses online in the areas of Art and Sciences, Business and Computer Technologies, and Health Sciences and Wellness.

Fully Online Programs

The following programs can be earned fully online:

Program Program Code
Associate in Arts* — Associate Degree A 10 10 0
Associate in General Education* — Associate Degree A 10 30 0
Associate in General Occupational Technology* — Associate Degree A 55 28 0
Associate in Science* — Associate Degree A 10 40 0
Criminal Justice Technology — Associate in Applied Science A 55 18 0
General Business Administration — Associate in Applied Science A 25 12 0
Global Business Management — Associate in Applied Science A25 12 0
General Business Administration — Certificate C 25 12 0
Global Business Management — Certificate C 25 12 0
Early Childhood Education — Certificate C 55 22 0
Infant Toddler Care — Certificate C 55 29 0
Healthcare IT Foundations — Certificate C 25 51 0
Workplace IT Professional — Certificate C 25 59 0

*Contingent on semester online course offerings and the courses students choose that can be used to fulfill category requirements. May include WebEx courses and MAT, AST and SPA courses may require a limited number of visits to campus to complete exams.
**May include WebEx courses.


Due to Covid-19, we can be reached in our Virtual Office. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. “Walk-ins” are welcome.

  • Peck, Dr. Susan

  • Director, Distance Education Program

  • COA – Elizabeth City: B 217

  • 252-335-0821 ext. 2219