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Finish Line Grant

Apply for Finish Line Grant Funding

If you’re enrolled in courses that fulfill 50 percent of an approved College of The Albemarle (COA) program and maintain a 2.0 grade-point average, you might be eligible for a Finish Line Grant. You may apply for up to $1,000 per semester to help pay for emergencies.

Due to the fact that this application is for an unforeseen emergency situation, please be prepared to submit all requested documentation within 48 business hours of the date of application. If the requested documentation is not received within 48 hours, you’ll be asked to submit a new application. Examples of supporting documentation that may be requested are: Copies of Social Security Card, birth certificate, repair quote, unpaid utility bill, unpaid medical bill, a written quote from the book store, lease agreement, etc.



  • Dependent care
  • Auto repairs (non-normal maintenance)
  • Transportation
  • Rent
  • Referrals to healthcare (medical-related payments, eyeglasses, physical, dental)
  • Utility bills
  • Tuition/fee/supplies (limited)

Not Allowed

  • Titled and deeded items (rent or housing deposits, mortgage payments, property taxes)
  • Fines and late fees attached to any payments listed under “Allowed”
  • Food
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Business startup costs
  • Purchase of TVs, video games or household items not required for educational needs
  • Expenses already covered by another source

At this time, the Finish Line Grant funds aren’t available for college transfer programs.

Approved Programs

There are a variety of training programs that have been approved by the Northeastern Workforce Development Board. See COA’s list of training programs for associate degrees, short-term training and supportive service training for this region.

Agribusiness Technology
Airframe Maintenance
Associate Degree Nursing
Aviation Systems Technology
Basic Law Enforcement Training
Computer Integrated Machining
Computer-Aided Drafting Technology
Criminal Justice Technology
Culinary Arts
Early Childhood Education
Electrical Systems Technology
Emergency Medical Sciences
Emergency Medical Technician
General Business Administration
Global Business Management
Health and Fitness Science
Healthcare Business Informatics
Hospitality and Tourism
Human Services Technology
HVAC Technology
Information Technology
LPN/ADN Option
Medical Assisting
Medical Laboratory Technology
Medical Office Administration
Nurse Aide
Phlebotomy Pathway
Pool and Spa
Powerplant Maintenance
Practical Nursing
Surgical Technology
Welding Technology

    This form must be completed by the student.

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    You'll be asked to submit documentation/proof of your financial emergency upon submission of this application. A representative from COA will request this once this application is received. For example, if you're requesting utilities assistance, an overdue notice is an example of documentation. If you're requesting assistance with a rental payment, a copy of your lease agreement is an example of documentation. If you're requesting transportation/gas assistance, a copy of your course schedule is an example of documentation. If a student is requesting technology assistance, a statement of need from the student and the student's instructors (instructors may email [email protected]). Students are encouraged to have this information ready so that their emergency situation can be dealt with in the quickest manner possible.