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SGA Advisor Manual

Advisor Reference Guide

The Office of Student Life and Leadership supports and encourages professional clubs and organizations. Please review the manual carefully as it contains guidelines that you’ll need to follow, and become familiar with the policies on club funding, budgets and activities. These procedures must be followed for you to successfully plan and implement your club’s activities.

Definition and Purpose of a Student Club and Organization

A student club/organization is a group of students (faculty and staff included) voluntarily organized for the purpose of furthering their common interests in a particular subject or issue. College of The Albemarle (COA) has two categories: student clubs and student organizations [student interest group (SIG)].

  • Student clubs: Any currently enrolled COA student
  • SIG: Limits membership (i.e., through eligibility requirements) of any COA student

The purpose of COA student clubs and organizations is to offer extracurricular learning experiences for the student body. Involvement in a group situation will enhance the student’s educational experience.

Steps to Starting (or Reinstating) a Student Club/Organization

  1. Download a new student club/organization form
  2. Using the sample constitution as a guide, develop a constitution and bylaws for your club; items that must be included in this document are:
    1. Purpose of the club
    2. Procedures for electing and removal of officers
    3. Prerequisite of qualifications of membership
    4. Proposed means of financial support of the organization
  3. List or attach the following items to the packet:
    1. Proposed activities for the first year
    2. Officers (temporary or permanent)
    3. Name(s) of the faculty/staff advisor to the organization
    4. Completed new student club/organization form
  4. Return the completed new student club packet with all the required materials and forms to the Student Life and Leadership Office or at the next Student Government Association (SGA) open meeting

Criteria for Judging Student Organizations

A student club or organization must not present a clear and/or present danger to the college or individual students. It must not violate existing policies, statutes, or laws, and must be in accord with the stated mission, values and goals of the college.

If at any point a student club or organization is alleged to have violated this section, its status may be suspended pending investigation and resolution.

Registration Process for Student Organizations

Student clubs and Organizations are required to register each fall and spring semester with the Office of Student Life and Leadership. Registration paperwork will be distributed at the beginning of each semester and will be due no later than the fourth Friday of each semester. Any student club or organization not completing a registration form will lose its status and all rights granted by the registration process.

After registering, a student club or organization must:

  1. Have all of its officers in good standing with the college
  2. Have a current copy of the organization’s constitution and bylaws on file with the Office of Student Life and Leadership
  3. Have a faculty or staff advisor
  4. Conduct official meetings at least three times during each semester
  5. Host and/or create an event/forum for the student body (one per semester)

Removal of Status

Recognition of any student club or organization may be revoked if the organization:

  • Fails to register each semester
  • Violates college policies or procedures
  • Violates policies or procedures outlined in the SGA constitution and/or bylaws
  • Fails to have at least five active members during any one semester unless otherwise negotiated

The coordinator of Student Life and Leadership has primary responsibility for granting and revoking status. However, the coordinator will discuss with the Vice President of Student Success and Enrollment Management about any new student club or organization and any question of status.

Procedure for Student Organization Appeal

If the officers of the student club or organization wish to appeal, the same procedures outlined in the Student Policies under “Student Grievances Procedures” must be followed regarding the completion of due process for the student organization.

Governance of Student Organizations

All student organizations are governed by the SGA. Funding is granted only to student clubs through the Finance Committee. For more information regarding the SGA funding process, refer to the SGA Financial Procedures found in the SGA Bylaws2.

Spending and Receiving Funds

The SGA allocates funds to student clubs at COA. These funds are generated by the student activity fee paid by all curriculum students. The following policy and procedures have been established to govern all financial involvement of recognized student clubs.

Funding Eligibility

For a club to be eligible to receive funds from the SGA, they must:

  1. Have a constitution on file with the Office of Student Life and Leadership
  2. Be recognized as a student club or organization by the college (registration)

Use Of Funds

Listed below are approved and inappropriate uses funds received from the SGA.

Approved Uses:

  • Attendance of a conference or convention; travel that supports the mission of the organization
  • Activities that the Office of Student Life and Leadership deems to be:
    • Social
    • Enrichment
    • Community service
    • Athletic
    • Informational/educational
  • Items needed for a social event or performance (e.g., decorations, costumes)
    • General supplies must be itemized

Inappropriate Uses:

Inappropriate uses of funds will result in the loss of future funding.

  • The purchase of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances
  • The purchase of any items or equipment that are to be used in a classroom setting
  • The purchase of any personal items (e.g., clothing, grooming)
  • The purchase of uniforms or any personal equipment


Student clubs or organizations that hold fundraisers must submit a plan of events to the Office of Student Life and Leadership and the SGA treasurer. Any money generated by fundraising events should be figured as a separate account than the money allocated by the SGA.

To Receive Funds

  1. Verify your club account balance
  2. Fill out Club Check Request form and submit it to the Office of Student Life and Leadership